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Welcome to Withycombe Boutique Cattery - Exclusively Cat Heaven!

At Withycombe Boutique Cattery, we pride ourselves on being a cat-exclusive haven, where our feline guests are treated like royalty. Rest assured, no dogs are boarded here, ensuring a serene and stress-free environment for our beloved cats.

With only 11 luxurious cabins and runs, we prioritize personalized attention for each guest. Our small, cat-friendly dogs on the property and three resident cats add a touch of warmth and familiarity, making your cat feel right at home.

Our luxury accommodation is designed to provide ultimate comfort and security. Each bungalow features cozy shelves for bedding and an outdoor section thoughtfully covered to shield our guests from the elements. Measuring approximately 3 meters in length and 1.4 meters in width, our accommodations offer ample space for your cat to stretch and play. 2 Runs have a lovely sun deck each overlooking the garden and there are also 2 extended outdoor runs for long stayers. Most of the runs have a garden view.

We understand that each season demands different needs, which is why we've got it covered. The bungalows are individually heated to keep our guests warm and snug. In the summer months, cooling fans ensure they stay cool and relaxed.

Safety is our utmost priority, and that's why we've installed 1.4 meter perspex sneeze barriers between each run. We never mix cats from different families, guaranteeing a stress-free and peaceful stay. In fact, each run can accommodate up to three cats from the same family. If there are more than 3 cats in a family, there is a door that can open up the runs allowing everyone from the same family to stay together and enjoy each other's company.

For any escape artists, we have a secure escape run to ensure that our little adventurers stay with the safe confines of the cattery.

Our dedication to providing a homely environment extends beyond the physical space. We take the time to understand each cat's unique personality and preferences. Whether your cat loves playtime or prefers solitude, we cater to their individual needs with care and attention.

Rest easy knowing that Withycombe Boutique Cattery has been inspected by the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, ensuring the highest standards of care and professionalism.

Our mission is to provide your beloved feline with the finest care, making sure they feel safe, comfortable and loved while you're away. When you choose Withycombe Boutique Cattery, you can enjoy your time knowing your cat is in the hands of caring experienced individuals who prioritize your peace of mind.

Book your cat's exclusive stay with us today and experience the Withycombe difference - where luxury meets love for your feline friend.
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