Affordable Luxury for Your Cat!

Boarding Fees: Our rate is charged on a per day basis and excludes wet and dry food. There is a minimum 4 day stay charge. Contact Michele for the current daily rate.

Food Not Included: Owners are to provide the cat's favorite food in airtight containers, clearly labeled.

Winter Heating Option: Keep your cat warm with an optional heating service (additional daily charge).

Consistent Pricing: Same rates all year round for your peace of mind.

Payment Details: 50% deposit needs to be paid within 24 hours to confirm the booking, full payment due 7 days before arrival. Cash & EFT accepted.

No Credit Card Facilities: Our payment options are cash or EFT only.

December Bookings: Full payment is required by 30th November.

Cancellation Policy: View our Terms and Conditions for fair cancellation fees.


Your Cat's Comfort is Our Priority!

Home Away from Home: While we provide cat bedding and toys, feel free to bring your cat's favorites to make them feel at ease during their stay.

Daily Grooming: To keep your cat looking and feeling their best, please bring their brush and comb for a daily grooming session.

Nourishment Matters: Owners must provide food in sealed and labeled containers. Our daily rate does not include food. We serve wet food at night if required and dry food twice daily, using only stainless steel dishes for hygiene.

Medication Administered: Rest easy knowing we can administer medication. Just provide it in an airtight container, clearly marked with your cat's name and instructions.

Cleanliness is Key: Litter trays are provided and cleaned at least twice daily, ensuring a fresh and tidy environment for your cat. A record is kept of litter tray activities and all health issues. Any issues are immediately addressed.

Personalized Attention: Your cat will receive cuddles, daily brushing, and playtime from our genuine cat-loving staff. We understand and accommodate less sociable cats too.
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