Meet The Team

Michele Culverwell

At age 10 I dragged my poor mother to the local vet to offer my services during the school holidays. My mom very patiently explained that I was too young, but I insisted, and so off we went. Needless to say the very kind Veterinarian explained that whilst he was very grateful, I was indeed too young to start my veterinary career. Lots of tears ensued!

Tracey Pace

Tracey owns the cattery and the cattery is based on her property. Tracey is actively involved on a daily basis by putting the cats to bed every night ensuring litter trays are clean, there are a few nibbles in their bowls for the night and that everyone is happy and cosy. The cattery is in close proximity to the house so she hears all the noises in the night and will get up to ensure that all is okay if something sounds strange no matter the time. Tracey does cattery duty every second weekend. 
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